Keeping Christmas

(This post was written by Gina McClain, Director of Children’s Ministries)

Keeping Christmas focused on Jesus is a task most parents find easier said than done.  Our kids are bombarded through the holiday season with the message that Christmas is all about toys, games, & Santa.

But the truth is… Christmas is more than that.  Christmas is a celebration of Jesus’ birth.  A reminder of the moment God entered the world in a very quiet, unassuming fashion.  The Savior of the world encompassed in a tiny baby.

As parents, no matter the rhythms of our daily lives, the make-up of our families, or our history as Christ-followers… we all share the same desire.

To teach our kids that in the midst of the holiday hustle & bustle, Christ is the focus of Christmas.

Parents, don’t let the crazy schedules and the long to-do lists impede on quality family time this holiday season.  In fact, here is a tool you can use to create some lasting holiday memories with your kids.  Click here to download four free devotionals.  They’re easy to use, simple to prepare, and fun to do together.