Keep Swimming – A Lesson From Nemo

My family just returned from a few days together at Disney World. We had a blast! The best part was simply being together. One of our favorite shows was Finding Nemo – The Musical at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. The major theme in the show was Nemo’s Dad (Marlin) searching for his lost son. Throughout this long journey Nemo’s dad was encouraged to “just keep swimming.” In other words, don’t give up until you know there is no hope.

Parenting is tough. I visit regularly with parents, particularly parents of young adults, who are heartbroken over their relationships with their child. There are so many things that can seriously damage a relationship between parent and child. The point of this post is to encourage you to “just keep swimming.” God is able to repair the torn, mend the broken and soften hard hearts.

Parents, let’s keep swimming.