Just Do It!

(This post was written by Jaclyn Holloway, Assistant to the Worship and Creative Arts Director)

Just Do it

I had a revelation strangely enough while on a date with my awesome hubby this past weekend. We had our first child almost seven months ago and let’s just say we haven’t been on a date or had a full night sleep in probably eight months! It was long overdue but since we are both working parents, life often takes over and the remaining time is filled with desperately trying to clean the house or keep up with laundry.

But luckily we are blessed with great small group friends and they offered to take our little one for the entire night, meaning it was just Phil and I until later the next morning…JACKPOT! So off we went dressed to the nines to eat downtown, chaperone a prom and then to have the best night’s sleep in a long time.  

After a delicious dinner at Café 4 (if you’ve never been…go!!!) my husband gets the most romantic and spontaneous idea ever. He wants to get a room for the night at the Downtown Hilton. Any other woman would have let herself be swept off her feet but what did I say… “No! That’s stupid because we live 15 minutes away and that would be a waste of money!” Way to ruin the moment and probably crush all his hopes and dreams of a romantic carefree evening! Luckily I came to my senses apologized profusely and allowed myself to get whisked away for the evening.

And I’m so glad I did! It was like one of those MasterCard commercials…One night at the Downtown Hilton…priceless!

What does this have to do with God?!! Wait for it…

I realized after that night that I always have an inner-argument with God whenever He asks me to act on something He wants me to do, just like I did with my husband! Why won’t I let go of my hesitations and inhibitions when I trust God fully with my life? He would never ask me to do something that I can’t handle or would harm me but yet every time He prompts me to talk to a stranger, share the gospel, volunteer for something going on at church, etc. I instantly have a great reason not to.

How many missed opportunities have passed me by because of my insecurities or selfishness? Those opportunities could have changed other’s lives or even my own!

This is why I’m challenging myself and you to not have that inner-argument with God when He asks you to move. Life is too short to live safe and God wants us to take risks! He wants us to have the faith of a child so let’s close our eyes and jump when our Father who we trust with all our heart asks us to jump!