Just Do It

If you are like me you probably struggle to some degree with takin action on something that involves risk. A few years ago that statement would not have been true of me.  I was too much of a risk taker. Over time I have matured and in the process have be one more reluctant to take action.


Maybe you have faced this in a relationship where you knew what God was asking you to do but you just didn’t know if it was too risky. Maybe it is in your relationship with your kids. The point is you know what to do but the risk and fear is holding you back.


This week I faced this. The middle school ministry has been working on calendaring and budgeting for next year. During this process we quickly realized that we were going to have to find a way to trim out some expenses for our events or raise the price. I knew that the best option was to call the facilities where we go and ask them if we could get a special discount. I kept putting off the conversation but I finally made the call on Thursday. The result was pretty cool. They gave us 20% off which saved us over $1000.00. I was blown away. My fear said that asking would offend them, or mess up our relationship but the exact opposite was true.


So what risk do you need to take. I want to challenge you to trust God and like the old Nike slogan says just do it. I believe you will be surprised.