Join fpGroups for Their Upcoming Winter Semester Short Term Groups Beginning January 24th

Join us for our upcoming winter semester short term groups (6-8 week groups) beginning the week of January 24th.



At Faith Promise, we believe groups are where faith comes alive. As Pastor Chris says, we gather each week in rows but life change happens in circles. The truth is, you can’t grow spiritually without connecting relationally. That’s why we create environments to help you connect with God and other Christ followers. One of these environments is our short term groups. These groups last 6-8 weeks and are a great first step toward connecting with Christ and others in a convenient and welcoming environment. Our short term groups will begin the week of January 24th.

For more information about what short term groups will be offered at your campus, visit the Next Steps area or you can search for Women’s, Men’s, and Co-Ed Short Term Groups Here.