Jamaica Mission Trip Day 7 – October 11, 2019

Day 7 – Fun Day Josie Maynard

Today was our last day of the trip and we visited YS falls. On our bus ride there, we stopped and got patties in Santa Cruz. When we got to YS, the whole group decided to participate in ziplining. We got to go down 5 lines and got a great view of the falls. After we ziplined we headed to the falls where we could rope swing and jump into the water off of a cliff. I know for the girls, this is what we spent most of our day doing. The falls were a little chilly so we hopped into the warm water pools to heat up a little bit before we left. When we got back to JDV we ate some amazing jerk chicken and then headed over to the firepit to make dampers. Dampers are big rolls of dough that can be filled with anything! We used peanut butter, Guava jam (a Jamaica jelly), chocolate, or butter.  Overall, our last day was a lot of fun and we continued to bond as a team!