Jamaica Mission Trip Day 6 – October 10, 2019

Day 6 – Concrete Day 2 at KnockPatrick – Susie Satterfield

Today we were blessed with another opportunity to work alongside students from CCCD, locals from JDV and another mission team from Pennsylvania.  We divided into groups focusing on making concrete, creating an assembly line to haul the concrete in buckets up to the higher tiers, pulling weeds, cutting down trees, and clearing the water catchment areas in preparation for water catchment.  All of our efforts will afford CCCD to establish a greenhouse for educational, occupational, and nutrition purposes using green techniques.  It was an exhausting yet rewarding day to be able to work alongside folks who shared a deep love of the Lord

In the afternoon, we were blessed to share a meal with locals from JDV and try more Jamaican cuisine.  For lunch we had mac and cheese, watermelon, and coconut bread with real bits of coconut in it (It was delicious).  It was a time of fellowship and developing relationships.  In the afternoon, we took a brief tour of the school and saw where classrooms, dorms, and the small auditorium were located.  We took a break and spent time with students.  We explored the wonders of a rhinoceros beetle and a snail the size of a ping pong ball.  The students were fascinated with the horn of the beetle and the texture of the snail.  Little did I know that spending time with the students would lead to meeting the principal and discussion of the possibility of teaching in Jamaica.

Everyone we’ve met at JDV and CCCD just seem filled with the spirit of the Lord!  I can feel his presence in and around me every moment of the day.  God’s hand has been over us and blessed us beyond compare.  As Pastor Chris preached about Philippians 4:8, the P48 train is bountiful and evident everywhere!  God is good, we are blessed and loved beyond compare. Serving the Lord has brought forth the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the fruits of the Spirit.  Thank you, Lord…Follow the Filling!