Jamaica Mission Trip Day 2 – October 6, 2019

Day 2 – Church – By Catherine Sage

Sunday morning, I was not expecting to experience the service that I did. Going to Jamaica knowing little to no sign language, let me be honest, I was lost during the whole service, but with the help of a student interpreter I could understand what the pastor was talking about.  This was not your normal church service. It was definitely eye opening to see how different communities go about their services. During worship, the songs would play, and while I could hear, it was moving to see how the deaf can sign while worshiping.  God revealed to me that I can praise him in different ways. Whether that be through sign, lifting my hands in worship, or dancing. It was an amazing experience. God in a room full of different people with something in common: worshiping the same God and learning that we are all created on purpose with a purpose.