Jamaica Day One

Today was our first full day in Jamaica as a team. We attended church and had a fantastic service. It’s so amazing to see worship and glory go to God in sign language and verbal language.

Chris Biggs is the JDV campus manager. He took us on a tour of the campus and their wood working shop where they make handcrafted wood furniture. If I could fit the gorgeous dining room table set and the Adirondack chairs in my suitcase, it would be coming home with me.

After church we went to a grocery store and got some Jamaican spices and snacks. Ben and Jerry will have to stay at the store, though. It costs almost $20!

Tonight we get to have an amazing dinner with the entire staff and a medical dentistry team here from the states. As of midnight, there are still numerous card and “spoons” games going on. Late nights at JDV are the best!

Tomorrow we head to see the coffee plants that FPC planted last year. We will plant some more and enjoy some great coffee.