It’s only just begun, Honduras Day 1

“Recibe toda la gloria
Recibe toda la honra
Precioso hijo de Dios.”

Today we truly experienced that God’s Holy Spirit, His love, and His compassion transcends all languages. The trip started off with a free christian concert (performed by Faith Promise) followed by a short message. Three people openly gave their lives to Christ that morning! After the service we began to pass out food to all who came and you could see the smiles on their face because they were so thankful, without this food they may not have eaten that day.
Last night we went to perform at CCI church down the road. It was a much bigger service than we had put on that morning. Worship was absolutely amazing. You could sense the Holy Spirit in that room. Hands were raised and tears were pouring as we sang. When asked who accepted Jesus Christ into their hearts for the first time, one man probably in his mid twenties stepped out boldly to come and talk to Pastor Dupont. There was just something about this man and his presence that brought tears to the eyes of many. You could tell that in that moment he was in completely humbled and in awe of the Holy Spirit moving through him. At the end of the service, we were asked to come to the front of the church as all of the congregation prayed over us.  Even though we didn’t have slightest clue what everyone was saying as they prayed.  I know it was one of the most powerful experiences that many of us have ever had. It is truly remarkable how we all serve the same God; no matter where or who we are. He understands and loves us all.

We are so blessed to be the hands and feet of Jesus this week, we appreciate all of your prayers!