It’s A Big Club


Recently I was talking with some friends when one of them shared how they had recently mishandled a parenting situation with their child. As they told their story of getting impatient and losing their cool, others began to share when they had blown it as a parent within the last 24 hours. Pretty soon, after most of us had shared our missteps, we were smiling and laughing in the reality of how often and easy the best parent’s misstep.

As Christian parents it’s so easy to get discouraged when we fall short of God’s standards. Instead:

  • When you mess up, fess up. Apologize and get back on track
  • Recognize, appreciate, marvel at God’s grace and goodness
  • Refocus on what is most important as parents. Are you making your child’s spiritual formation a priority?

As parents we are all going to mess up (probably today). It’s a big club.  In spite of our shortcomings, God has called us to shepherd our kids. Let’s correct our mistakes and get back on course.