Impacting The Next Generation


This past weekend Pastor Chris focused on the commitment Faith Promise has made to investing in the next generation and the role each of us can play. The following are a few key points from Pastor’s message. Click here to hear or watch the entire message.

In order for Faith Promise to have the greatest impact on the next generation we need to:

  1. Make room for them.  I Timothy 4:12, 14
  2. Pour into them.  I Timothy 6:30, II Timothy 1:6-13
  3. Make them feel loved and wanted.  II Timothy 1:4
  4. Continue to build the Family Ministry. Find out more about our Kids Ministry, Student Ministry or Marriage Ministry.
  5. Faith Promise must remain out of the box. (creative, relevant, capture attention and imagination, etc.)
  6. Keep the music edgy.
  7. Teach how to think in the Spirit. II Timothy 1:7, 3:16-17

I am so grateful to be a part of a church that values families and impacting the next generation for Christ.