The Table

1. Pastor Chris talked about the table and chairs being set for dinner. In what chair are you (mature Christ follower, young in your relationship with Jesus, or seeker)?

2. Pastor Chris said we prepare the table for who we anticipate coming. He said that presentation is a large factor in presenting the food. He said that in the FPC setting he is “the dude with the food”, teaching and leading. He also said that everyone in the family has a task or a chore for preparing for company. What is your “chore” or “task” in preparing for company? Where are you serving in ministry?

3. How have you seen that ministry bless and affect the lives of others?

4. How has serving in that ministry been a blessing to you?

5. If you are not in a ministry, is finding a ministry something you feel God is speaking to you? Is this a part of your plans or goals for the year? How will you be intentional about getting plugged into a ministry? What resources does FPC have to help you?

Scripture verses:
John 6:35
John 6:41
John 6:47
Matthew 6:18
Hebrews 10:25
Matthew 28:19-20