I LOVE MY CHURCH: Take the Money and Run!

Take the Money and Run!

1. Have you had to deal with greed in your life, either directly or with someone else? Describe your experience.

2. Pastor Chris stated the church funds the vision. What does this statement mean? How has the vision of the church blessed you?

3. Pastor Chris said we “fund our focus”. Without using names, how have you witnessed this truth play out in others’ lives, positively and negatively?

4. We give because we love. It’s truly not about the money, but it is a heart issue. Discuss this principle further.

5. Did you take the tithing challenge? What are your thoughts?

Scripture verses:
1 Timothy 3:15
Matthew 16:18-24
Matthew 13:45
Luke 8:14
Luke 12:15
Luke 18:25
Luke 11:42
Luke 6:38
2 Corinthians 9:6