I Don’t Have Time

Well, we are now into the third week of 2012.  This means that there is a 72% chance that you have already fallen behind your Bible reading goal for the year. Truthfully, I know I have!

At least, I HAD, until I discovered at great way to accomplish my goal of reading the Bible while wrestling with the age-old excuse that “I don’t have time” to just sit and read.  Want to know my secret? Here is comes.  I stopped reading the Bible.  And I started listening to it.

I have typically read through the Bible with the YouVersion Bible app on my phone.  They have some fantastic reading plans that can help you achieve your study goals.  But they also have a unique set up that allows you to listen to someone read the whole Bible in several common versions.  Problem solved! So far I have blown past my reading schedule as I listen to an epic voice tell me the awesome stories and truths of the Old Testament, every time I get in the car!

But there’s a catch.  A catch? Yes, a catch.  And this is the point that I want us all to understand.  Although I have found a more convenient way to take in God’s Word, I still have to make the commitment to play the audio clips when I get in the car!  No matter how simple the process is, if I want to achieve my goals I still need to RESOLVE to do it!

My prayer for you this year is that however you choose to grow personally and spiritually, you will choose to commit and follow through on your decisions.  Reading the Bible is a huge value to me, and I am choosing to make it happen.  What do you value? How are you simplifying the process? What are you setting up to ensure that your goals are reached?