How To Be A Nosey Parent

As a mom, the well-being of my kids is always on my mind.  And daily circumstances remind me of this priority. 

When my 6 year old wants to play with the older kids in the cul-de-sac.

When my 9 year old wants to sleep at a friend’s house.

When my 12 year old wants the freedom to ride his bike all over the neighborhood.

Their requests for these fun freedoms prompt a level of nosey-ness in me. 

I might choose to sit outside while my youngest plays with kids 5 years older than he is.  I want to meet the parents of a child with which my daughter is spending the night.  I want to know where my son wants to ‘gallivant’ b/c there’s too much opportunity to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. 

I’m nosey.  So be it.

But if I’m only nosey about circumstances that surround their physical/emotional well-being, then I do my kids a great disservice.  I need to be nosey about their spiritual well-being, also.  That means I need to know where they are spiritually.  I’ve got to keep tabs on how they are growing.  What they believe and why.

Spiritual shepherding is getting more interesting in my home.  As my oldest is stepping in to a season where he’s beginning to own his faith, Kyle and I have to get comfortable with spiritually charged conversations that will challenge him.  There are three primary ways of nosey-ness. 

#1 Let him wrestle.  We’ve got to get comfortable with the idea that Keegan will wrestle down some spiritual truths so he can make his own decisions about what he believes.  And as he wrestles, we’ve got to stay close, be nosey, and ask questions as he walks through this season. 

#2 Fight in prayer.  The best gift we can give our kids is to be nosey in prayer.  Ask the Spirit to reveal to you where you need to focus on your child.  No one knows better than God.  Let Him direct your steps.   Choose to dig in, get your nails dirty, grit your teeth and fight for what you know is the best for your kids – a solid, deeply rooted relationship with Jesus. 

#3 Remind yourself of His Promises.  Search the scripture for the promises God makes regarding a follower of Christ.  If you have said ‘Yes’ to Christ, then these promises are true of you.  If your child has said ‘Yes’ to Christ, then these promises are true of them.  Whether you/they act like it or not.  So remind yourself of His promises by highlighting these scriptures and meditating on them often.  Truth is truth.