How One Group Spent Their July 4th Weekend


The 4th of July weekend is usually time spent poolside or lake bound, but for one small group it was spent in service. When group leader Tony said he needed help pulling down a retaining wall, our small group had no second thoughts as to who was going to help. Some of us, of course, had no idea what a retaining wall was and were expecting a wall in an air conditioned basement (group leader Georgia) but were in for a surprise! After carefully planning our strategy and a lot of trial and error, the wrecking ball that was our group became a force to be reckoned with. The only thing left standing in our way was a group of angry yellow jackets, but even the angriest of wasps stood no chance against our small group! Over the course of two successful weekends we managed to destroy the wall, catch some toads, form new bruises, create hand calluses, eat tacos, drink about one hundred gallons of Gatorade, make some inside jokes, and sweat enough to ruin four pairs of clothes each; but hey, if any group can make manual labor fun, it’s ours!

Written By: Georgia Narayan