Honored By Douglas

While on the 2018 Monterrey, Mexico mission trip, I served by reading to the orphans in Douglas. I have advanced my reading in Spanish and I learned how to communicate with the orphans after taking three years of Spanish.

Betty, the leader of Douglas, complimented the way I read to the orphans. She told me that the older kids do not like reading that much, but I encouraged them by reading to the younger kids. (Randy read to the older kids too.  Even though the books were silly kids’ books, they seemed to like it.  Also, they wanted to try to take the books and show Betty they could read them too.)  I received a Douglas shirt after she said that I was important to her and (the orphans at) Douglas.

Before I received the shirt, I was at small group learning about God’s mercy and grace. I was told that grace is getting more than what we deserve. Even though Betty told me why I got the shirt, I saw being the only person who got the shirt FAR more than what I deserved.

By: Randy Kercher, age 15 (Mom added in a little)