Honduras Day 4

Today is Tuesday, August 7. The devotional focus for the day was not to be lax in doing the Lord’s work, coming out of Jeremiah 48:10 and Jeremiah 23:23-32.

The Faith Promise mission team here in Honduras continues to reach out and love on the children of Comayagua through Vacation Bible School. Today it was 80 2nd graders of Inmaculada Concepcion. As our leaders told stories, played, prayed, and made crafts with the children, there were many who raised their hands to say they accepted Christ into their hearts for the first time. Smiles, high-fives and hugs from the kids, then we were off to lunch and to do door-to-door evangelism for the first time.

As we entered each house of the neighborhood and began sharing the message of Christ with the residents, we were pitted against several challenges: Mormonism, Catholicism, “I’m not ready,” “Go away,” etc. But despite all that, we still returned in a short 2 hours with over 20 decisions for Christ. Some of them were young men, teenage girls, and elder women all the same. The seeds have been planted!

The night service, too, was filled with particular vigor. We picked up a drummer! He is the brother of the Pastor of CCI. He played with the Faith Promise band for the first time tonight and certainly elevated our worship because of his passion for the Lord. The Holy Spirit filled the church—El Camino de la Palabara (The Way of the Word)—we worshipped with the people of Comayagua, and were refueled by the presence of the Holy Spirit. “The Joy of the Lord is my Strength!”