Home and Church – A Powerful Partnership


Recently I had the opportunity to visit with a group of parents of Middle Schoolers who attend Faith Promise Church. The topic of the night was dating. A topic that gets most parents attention. In case you are wondering, we were not advocating that middle schoolers date. Rather, the Family Ministry Team wants to partner with parents and this particular conversation needs to take place in early middle school (in some cases, late elementary school). A couple of observations from my time with this group of parents:

  1. There is great potential when parents and the church partner. These parents accepted their responsibility to raise their children and take the lead in their kids’ spiritual formation. At the same time they wanted/allowed the church to be their partner. To provide resources, training, encouragement, support, etc. It’s a powerful partnership.
  2. Parenting is tough. It’s challenging in different ways for everybody. When parents gather together and engage in open dialogue it can be very beneficial. We realize that everybody is struggling with some aspect of parenting or is concerned about their kids in a specific area. It’s a great opportunity for parents to share ideas and offer encouragement to each other. Parenting is not designed to be a solo sport.


How could our Family Ministry better serve your family?