Hero: Just Do It!

Just Do It!

1. Compassion is a compound word meaning to suffer with + urged to help. When has someone suffered with you? When have you suffered alongside someone?

2. You do not have to feel like it to help someone. Describe a time when you took action even when you didn’t feel like it.

3. When have you not felt like it but helped someone? Did you feel better about it afterwards?

4. Think of a time when you were left in the ditch as people walked past. How did you feel? Who helped you out? When have you done the same?

5. Pastor Chris mentioned two basins from the New Testament – one Christ used to wash feet and one Pilate used to wash his hands from taking action. Which are you using?

Scripture verses:
Nehemiah 9:31
Luke 4:18-19
Mark 14:32
Matthew 9:13