Help! My Family is Crazy!: The Grass Is Not Greener

The Grass Is Not Greener

1. What are your personal experiences with divorce?

2. Pastor Chris stated that “we are the result of our decisions” and that “good or bad, all our decision will have consequences”. What is one of your bad decisions and the resulting consequences? What is one of your good decisions and the resulting consequences?

3. Pastor Chris provided the order for our focus and priorities as 1) God 2) spouse 3) children. What challenges do you anticipate or have you faced with your priorities in this order? How will Satan attack you with obstacles, distractions, or hindrances in your day to day life or in life’s major decisions and issues? How should you be prepared to respond to Satan and those challenges?

4. Pastor Chris stated that children need love, discipline, and time. What are your experiences with these growing up and how did it help shape you? If you were to evaluate these three items in relation to you and your children, which is the easiest or hardest for you and why? How could you improve on these areas if you committed yourself to do so?

5. Pastor Chris spoke about fresh starts, clearly communicating at home, parental packs, and making Jesus Lord of your home. Pick one of these and discuss your personal experiences as well as how your experiences have shaped your current relationships with either your parents or your children.