Hello from Monterrey, Mexico – Day 1


Hello from Monterrey, Mexico!

This week a team of 28 from FPC joins the team of Back2Back ministries to support the work of caring for orphans in the state of Nueva Leon, Mexico.  First, let’s give you an inside scoop on this team.

They’re amazing.

We’ve had the privilege of 4 consecutive years working with Back2Back ministries. Each year God puts together an amazing mission team from FPC to join Him in His work to meet the needs of the orphan. This year’s team is incredible. Here are some quick stats on the Mission Team:

  • Ages stretch from 44 all the way to 8 years old.
  • fpStudents is well represented with 10 students.
  • 6 families are represented as parents serve alongside their kids.
  • 6 different FPC ministries are represented: Groups, Church Online, fpStudents, fpKids, Missions, & Worship

Served at 6 different local Knoxville mission events from January to June: WaterAngels, Lost Sheep Ministries: Under the Bridge, Second Harvest Food Bank, & Stop the Hunger Now

Here are some quick stats on Back2Back Ministries:

  • Began in Monterrey Mexico 20 years ago
  • Sites in 6 different countries today
  • Motto: “Care for today. Hope for tomorrow.”
  • Goal: Empower the child by meeting their physical needs. Connect with their heart to change the cycle of poverty.

Let me explain. Back2Back works with Nationals (those native to Mexico) to equip the orphan to grow into a physically, emotionally and spiritually healthy adult. This process requires years of consistent, strategic work to reverse the cycle of poverty in their lives. Not just physical poverty. But emotional and spiritual poverty.

It’s fascinating to experience and support this work.

Each day we visit a children’s home known as Casa Hogar Imperio de Amor (Empire of Love Children’s Home). We like to call it IDA, for short. Back2Back works with 3 different children’s homes in Monterrey, but we have the privilege of focusing on just one of those 3.

There are 65-75 kids living in this home at any given time. They have 35 adults who work to care for these kids and provide a home for them.

It’s amazing to step onto the campus of IDA and see physical evidence of the work Faith Promise teams have invested the past 4 years. There is so much to share about what God is doing here. And this week you get a sneak peak as members of our team share their experiences as the encounter God’s work in Monterrey.

We are grateful for your prayers and support! Stay tuned for more…