Heart for the Harvest, Prayer, and Fasting

Dear Faith Promise Family,

We are about to enter in to one of the most exciting and important periods in the life of Faith Promise Church. This coming weekend, October 27-28, we will begin a new sermon series on the power of prayer called, Ripple. What dream or vision has God given you that may seem out of reach? How far are you willing to go with God to see your dreams fulfilled? Are you willing to “pray without ceasing” to hear an answer from heaven? You won’t want to miss a single week as we discover how God delights in answering our most audacious prayers. This series will conclude with our Heart for the Harvest miracle weekend on November 17-18.

As many of you have heard, in preparation for our Heart for the Harvest weekend I am asking everyone to join me in prayer and participate in a 21-day fast beginning on Saturday, October 27. This fast can be for the entire 21 days, one meal per day, a Daniel fast, or however the Lord leads you. We are seeking God like never before and asking Him for the greatest works and miracles He has ever done at Faith Promise. Not only are we asking Him to financially bless all of us so that we can give and exceed the two million dollar offering, more importantly we are begging Him for people to be saved, baptized and healed, and for marriages and relationships to be restored. I am praying for 100% participation in our offering and for the largest attendance we have ever had at all of our campuses. We are a family, and God moves when we are all in agreement. Let’s be faithful in praying, fasting, and sacrificing as we wait to see what He will do. Remember, God honors bold prayers because bold prayers honor God!

It is one of my greatest joys in life to be your Pastor, and I believe our best days are ahead! See you this weekend as we begin this next part of our journey of faith at FPC!


Pastor Chris

P.S. These messages are so vital; please remember to watch online if you are unable to attend.  Internet service times are 9, 10:20 and 11:45 am and 9 pm.