Hard Decisions


This week can be wrapped up with two words. Hard conversations. It seems as though every day this past week I found myself having to have some pretty tough conversations with people. Did I mention how much I hate having to do that?


In facing these situations I have learned a couple of things. First no one enjoys having to start those conversations. In fact most of the time we avoid them until we can’t any longer. The second thing I have learned is that they are extremely important to have. Think about how many times you have avoided danger or pain because someone was brave enough to have he hard conversation with you. Think about how many relationships have been salvaged and snatched from the pit of destruction because someone was courageous enough to have the hard conversation. There is no doubt that hard conversations are vitally important.


When it comes to our kids we are definitely going to face some hard conversations that must take place. If we avoid them we will put our kids in jeopardy. It is not any easier to have the hard conversations with our kids than it is a friend or a coworker or employee but we must do it. God has charged us as their parents to have their back and to protect them from harm. Because of that when we see them heading towards danger it is important for us to not just sit quietly afraid of having a hard conversation that might upset them. Let’s fight for their heart, have the conversation, and fulfill the file God has designed us to do.


Hard conversations are never easy to do but they are vitally important. What conversation do you know that you need to have today with your child but you are afraid to do. Don’t wait. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you as you have that conversation today.