Haiti – Our Last Night

Tonight is our  last night in Haiti. We are staying at a beautiful resort called Wahoo Bay. Today has been  pretty rough.  I have leaved so much about myself and love of my heavenly Father.

Today as we were all sitting on a beautiful beach, it hit me that we were enjoying a resort that most Haitians have never even see. It is hard for me to write about the things that I have seen and heard without sobbing. While talking to Blunt, the translator for our trip, I heard the pain in his heart and a cry for help. Blunt is only 30 and he has a story that will absolutely break your heart. See, because he knows English so well he had to deliver news to people that had lost loved ones. Because of this people blamed him, hated him and even discontinued friendships with him. He lived in total darkness and fear for ten days until the USA showed up with relief. People still have not been found and the violence is worst it has ever been. People starve everyday and others wonder when they will eat next or have a meal for their children. There are no jobs and because so many people sell the same baked goods the average person may not sell anything for days. Again and I have said this before, you cannot believe how these people must live just to survive another day.

At this point in my week I am emotional, mentally and physically drained. So many thoughts go through your mind about how you can fix this broken part of the world. How you can show the love of Christ in a country who has no love for itself or it’s people? How you can push through the language barrier and preach to the children who have no one physically but have an amazing heavenly Father that loves them unconditionally and has given them grace and mercy?

Pray that there is a complete, total and radical change through the love of our Lord and Savior. For as we know he is the only one who can truly change and save this country. Pray not only for Faith Promise Missions but missionaries who come in and out daily. Pray that we all have a light that is so bright that God’s love is undeniable.

Thank you all so much for following our team and praying for us daily.