Group Leader Training

"This is Group" is a two-part guide for most everything a Faith Promise group leader needs to be successful. This guide is a companion resource along with the "This is Group" leaders book.

Making Disciples

Who we are as a ministry

Our number one priority as group leaders is to follow Jesus and lead others to do the same. This is what fpGroups is all about.

Being a Disciple

Who you are as a leader

You are a shepherd, a leader, a friend, and a facilitator of growth, and so much more. But first and foremost, you are a disciple of Jesus.

Encounter God

Encountering God is when real people consistently experience, encounter, and grow in their relationship with God through the study and application of God's Word and prayer.

Embrace Others

Embracing others is valuing relationships and belonging on a more meaningful level, so that everyone can grow together.

Engage the World Around Us

Engaging the world around us means serving both globally and locally through partners and God-directed opportunities.

Expand God’s Kingdom

Expanding God's kingdom means actively making disciples through development and multiplication of disciple-makers in order to form more groups at Faith Promise.


The group doesn't have to agree on everything, except this: we grow most, when we grow together.

Weekend Discussion Guides

Whether you are a new leader or a seasoned veteran, we want you to know that we understand and have your back. This resource is a great tool for raising up disciples.

Real People, Real Problems, Real Love

When real people with real problems show up, remember to first love and help them connect, then encourage them to find the help and healing they need. If necessary, help them find a group that is a better fit.

Value the Process

As leaders, we must believe in and commit to valuing the process. Without this, we risk greatly diminishing our effectiveness, longevity, and ability to make disciples.