Group Comes Together To Support Missionaries

Katelyn Comer

Recently, our small group gathered items from our homes and asked other friends to gather items from their homes to contribute to a large yard sale to benefit the Comer family, Faith Promise missionaries to St. Kitts.  We priced everything ahead of time and brought our items together Saturday morning at one of our member’s homes.  We ran the sale from 9am to 1pm.  To advertise for the sale we utilized social media and several websites that brought customers from all over Knoxville.  We also posted two signs, as allowed by law. One of the girl’s in our group helped get us set up a with a Square Point of Sale Register so that we were able to accept cash or cards.  Even though it was extremely hot and humid (temperatures were in the high 90s), God sent a steady stream of customers.  The kids in our group set up a free Hydration Station to keep our guests hydrated and happy.  They passed out complimentary treats and collected additional donations from generous customers.  The kids also collected coins this summer to give to the missionaries and were so happy for every cent they could give.  Customers were invited to spend time with us at Faith Promise Church and received a printed copy of the Comer’s mission cards so that they could pray for the Comer Family.  A few people did not buy anything, but still came to the Yard Sale to make a donation.  The grand total from the sale was $1,354 and 100% of those proceeds will go to benefit the Comer Family and they work they will be doing in St. Kitts through Celebrate Recovery!  Everything that was left over from the sale, that could not go to a consignment sale, was donated to a local charity. Our group shared a pizza lunch after the sale then had the rest of the day to ourselves. We share our story today in hopes that others will be inspired to support Faith Promise Missionaries as well!

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