Grand Oaks Elementary School Small Groups Serving Opportunity


Is your small group looking for a way to serve in your local community? Are you itching to get started right away? If so, we have the perfect project for you! Grand Oaks Elementary School is in need of some TLC in order to get ready for the upcoming school year.

We have volunteer opportunities available beginning as early as this weekend, July 23rd.


  • Paint trim inside around doors and windows of the cafeteria (6)


  • Weed spray along sidewalks, flower beds, entrance to school, playgrounds (10-15)
  • Clean up 4 flower beds and front door area (6)
  • Plant flowers in the beds, mulch (6)
  • Pressure wash and paint front sign (2)
  • Paint drift wood and rocks GOES sign white (2)

See a project your small group would like to own? Email [email protected] to get signed up to serve today!