God’s Favor: Walking In The Favor

Walking In The Favor

1. When are you most afraid? What do you do in times of fear?

2. Share a time when you knew God “could”, but you didn’t know God “would”?

3. God’s favor does not always mean good things. Sometimes it means being in the lion’s den. Have you been in God’s favor and the lion’s den at the same time?

4. What has the devil used in your life to make you feel you were not worthy of God’s love?

5. Are you more interested in God or the things He can give you?

6. God’s favor is tied to our obedience. Will you choose to walk in God’s favor? How will the next seven days show your obedience to God?

Scripture verses:

Psalms 84:10
Jeremiah 7:23
2 John 1:6