God’s Favor: Any ROI?

Any ROI?

1. Favor is preferential treatment. When have you received preferential treatment?

2. Are you fear & failure minded or are you favor minded? With what types of fears do you struggle? What past failures still bother you? What practical steps can you take to be favor minded?

3. Pastor Chris stated favor is a tool, not a toy. God expects a return on His investment. Can God trust you with His favor? Select an area in your life where you want God’s favor and determine how you will provide a ROI. Share with the group.

4. Serving God through His church and through missions is a way to provide a ROI. Are you plugged in and serving? Share a story of how you have served and it has changed you and someone else.

Scripture verses:
Galatians 1:10
Numbers 33:51-55
John 15:1-2
John 15:8
2 Kings 20
2 Kings 18
2 Chronicles 32:25
2 Samuel 9