God With Us: Christmas Presented

Christmas Presented

1. Pastor Chris shared we all have the same opportunity to hear the teacher in class, but when it is test day, we recognize we were not paying attention in class. Are you paying attention to what God is saying to you and teaching you?

2. Do you have a teachable heart? Consider asking someone else to share honest feedback on your willingness to be taught.

3. Pastor Chris shared the story of Christ’s birth. He stated there were two groups of people in the story – those who recognized what was happening and those who missed it. The group who missed it was characterized by their focus on the world, their business, their career, possibly their 401K; their focus on power and retaining it; and their pride. Under what circumstances do these adjectives describe you?

4. The group who got it was characterized by their surrender; their attentiveness (or listening) and belief; and their worship through giving. Under what circumstances do these adjectives describe you?

5. As you prepare for Christmas day over the next two weeks, what steps will you take engage with the greatest gift ever given?

Scripture verses:
John 3:19
Matthew 13:22
John 1:1
John 1:5
John 8:12
Isaiah 53:4-6