God To The Rescue

(This post was written by Gina McClain, Director of Children’s Ministries)

This weekend starts the beginning of our 5 week Easter series for kids 2 years to 5th grade.  We’re so excited to spend the next 5 several weeks teaching your kids that…

Week 1:  God Has a Rescue Plan – We messed up!  God has been working throughout history to make right all that we broke.  Jesus is the answer to the problem of sin.  God’s about to put his rescue plan into action!

Week 2:   Take time to remember God loves you – Jesus was the Servant Rescuer.  He gave everything including his own life to let us know how much God loves us.  When we take part in communion we remember His amazing gift and celebrate our new life in Him.  When we serve others, we also remember that he served us first.

Week 3:  God’s plan is for us to put Him first – Like God did for Jesus in the garden, He will make the plan clear and give us the strength to do what’s necessary.  We may not always understand God’s plan, but when we put Him first, He’ll make it clear to us and give us the strength to accomplish anything.

Week 4:  God’s plan is always best – The disciples didn’t understand why Jesus had to die.  We don’t always understand God’s plan for our lives as well.  As we follow and obey God, we eventually discover that His way is always best.

Week 5:  Our actions can show others that Jesus is alive – The Resurrection requires us to make some choices about how we will live our lives.  We need to believe that God’s plan is the only way we can spend forever with him.  We need to make wise choices and live like Jesus to let others know that He is alive!

Each week you will receive a take-home activity to do with your kids.  Create a Rhythm (tap into the power of quality moments) over the next 5 weeks by setting aside 20 minutes 1 night per week to do these activities as a family.  Get your copy of the Jesus Storybook bible this week from fpResources at your campus.  You’ll use this bible each week of the series. 

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