Giving Up On The Wrong Things


When I step back and watch the patterns of my life I find myself to be very silly.  Why?  Because when seasons of life get busier I’m quick to pull away from the things that keep me healthy. 

Simple things like getting enough sleep.  Instead I opt to stay up late at night working, reading or playing Words with Friends. 

Or eating healthy.  Instead I grab pizza, nachos or something with even less redeeming nutritional value.

Or spending time in scripture.  Instead I sleep a little later (since I stayed up so late the night before!), rush off to the office earlier so I can get stuff done and don’t really spend the time in scripture that I need. 

These things are important to my physical and spiritual well-being yet why do I quickly dismiss them when life gets a little crazier?  In fact, they are even MORE important in this time.  So why do I so quickly let them slip by? 

Because they’re harder to do.  And I don’t always see/feel/notice an immediate gain or detriment. 

I see others choose to let good things go when life gets busy.  Good things like…

Serving as a Volunteer

We’ve already seen a number of volunteers in fpKIDS step back in anticipation of a busy fall season.  I understand.  I know that life gets hectic and some things simply need to go.  Yet the thing I struggle with the most is that serving in fpKIDS (or any other ministry at FPC) is simply taking in part in what God is doing in this community.  As He continues to call people unto Him… those that don’t know Him… those in need of salvation, grace & restoration… that work continues through every season.  I hate to see someone step out of that amazing miracle. 

Holding a door or a baby… Teaching a group of kids or prepping someone for baptism… no matter the task each one works together to create an experience that draws the lost to the Truth.  It’s hard to watch someone step back from that miraculous work simply because life got busy.  I know what they’re missing. 

Although I’m an advocate for keeping things simple in life… be careful to give up on the right things and not the wrong things.  Of all the things on your schedule, I encourage you to ask the critical question, “Where is God at work?”  See where he’s at work then join Him.