Give Your Family Some SWAG!

 Do You Have SWAG??

Calling all parents of High School Students!  Don’t miss an incredible opportunity to change the way you look at CONFIDENCE in your home.  This Wednesday, October 24 from 6:30pm-8:30pm you are invited to a special Parent Connection Event at fpStudents Pellissippi Campus. (please check in at fpKids entrance)

At this event you’ll have a chance to get the inside track on how your student is being challenged at fpStudents to live with SWAG, a confidence that comes from knowing God.  As we wrap up this unique series you’ll also get a chance to discover HOW YOU CAN DEVELOP CONFIDENCE IN YOUR STUDENT! We will have a panel of parents who will help add value to your family on this very special topic. 

Don’t miss this chance to join the conversation!  Your student’s SWAG depends on you!

Thank you so much for your investment in Faith Promise and your involvement in fpStudents.  I am always here for your family if you need anything!  I am praying for you especially this week!

Michael Wallace
fpStudents High School Pastor