Getting To First Base


This weekend we launch our newest series, “Losing the Leaf”. Unlike any other weekend topic this year, this series will align with the conversations taking place in the groups at Faith Promise. And because the weekend and the group experience are joined at the hip, missing either one will mean you are getting significantly less than the full experience.

Let me go on the record by acknowledging the overtly sexual references in this series. The reasons are multiple.

First, sex sells.
Second, we want to dispel the thought you can’t talk about sex, especially in church.
Third, the act of sex is a key part of God’s plan. If it’s His idea, it’s worth talking about.

But this series is about so much more than sex. After all, sex is just one expression in one type of relationship. We’ll take a look at God’s original plan when he created Adam. We’ll identify those issues that hinder our relationships with our friends and family. And we’ll start a conversation that can change all your relationships for the better – to bring life to everyone involved.

A new story of your relationship with … your spouse, your parent, your child, your friend, your boss, __________ (fill in the blank) … can begin today.