Getting Dirty

This past weekend as Pastor Chris wrapped up the “Hero” series a phrase he said resonated deeply with me.  He outlined the two basins referred to in the New Testament, one used by Jesus to wash His disciples feet, the other by Pilate to symbolically abscond himself from Jesus’ fate.  Pastor asked us the heavy question, “Which basin are you using?”

I have two wonderful children who could not be more different if we covered one with feathers! Our son, Colt, just turned 4 and is a very bright and personable boy, but he does NOT like dirt. Actually, he abhors it! Any noticeable smudge or mark on his hands is immediately, and passionately, washed off.  He is not a fan of getting dirty, so much so that he refuses to use finger paints!

And then there’s Emmy, our nearly 2 year old daughter.  She is a bundle of energy seems to never run low on fuel!  And dirt is probably her favorite thing in the world! She loves the feel of it in her fingers, loves to go outside and play in it, and is not bothered in the least by getting her hands dirty.

My kids remind me of the heart that I should have and the heart that I would reluctantly agree that I have. More often I see the people around be as a hindrance to my goals of getting tasks done and accomplishing my agenda.  I refuse to get dirty.  Buy my heart should be like Emmy’s…like Jesus’…willing to strip away the comfort and get dirty.  I should focus on using what God has given me to help others like Jesus did instead of focus on keeping myself clean.

What about you? Are you ok getting your hands dirty? How’s your heart?