Get Planted – Discussion Questions


In order to flourish, we must be planted in the House of the Lord, and this is best achieved in a SMALL GROUP. (Ps. 92:12-14)


What was your biggest fear with regard to joining a small group?


In a few days, FP will kick off the start of our Easter celebration. The church will start early morning prayer time asking God to move in a Big Way to bring souls to be saved. We believe thousands will be saved, and hundreds will be baptized. Pastor Chris challenged us to invite those people God has placed on our hearts. That is the first part of the Great Commission, but we must not neglect the second! That is “teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I commanded you…” (Matthew 28:20 ASV). We cannot grow as spiritual nomads. Our roots will never connect to the body of Christ on our own. We are a team, and Jesus intended for us to do this together. We learn through the Scriptures that no one is called to ministry alone, and even Jesus Himself built a Small Group before He launched His ministry. We must compel people to come and show them how this matters to us. Once they are saved, we must help them to be planted in a new family in the House of God. Following Jesus is more than a twice per month experience. It is completely surrendering your life to the Lordship of Jesus 24/7!


Read our theme verses for the year, Psalm 92:12-14.

1. These verses referred to palm trees, which are known for their long life, and to the Cedars of Lebanon, which were enormous trees that were solid, strong, and immovable. When we place our faith firmly in God, we can have this strength and vitality. Where is the best place to flourish in the House of the Lord?

Read Ephesians 4:7-8, 11-12.

2. Did the Lord give us all spiritual gifts?

3. Are they the same gifts? Why or why not?

4. What gifts has the Lord given you? How do you use them? If you are unsure of your gifts, you can ask the Lord to show you, and your small group can help you discern them. Once you figure out your gifts, what is the next step?

5. True or false? Together we can accomplish more together than we would dream possible working by ourselves. Working together, the church can express the fullness of Christ.

Read Matthew 10:5.

6. Were the disciples sent out alone? Why or why not?

Read Acts 2:44.

7. The believers at that time shared everything they had so that they all could benefit from God’s gifts. Share how you have a grown and benefited from being in a small group.

Read Luke 14:23.

8. Where are believers told to go? To do what? Why?

9. Where can you go? Where are you going this week to invite people to Easter Services? Whom are you inviting?

Read Acts 2:41-42.

10. How many people became believers when Peter preached the good news about Christ?

11. What did they do after they were saved?

12. What do new believers need to do today after they have been saved? Why?

Read Matthew 28:19-20.

13. What are these verses known as?

14. What is the first part? Second part?

15. Where are we told to go? Where are we told not to go?

16. Is this an option?

17. Where is the second part of these verses fulfilled?

Read John 5:1-3, 5-9.

18. We were all once like the paralyzed man at the pool. We are saved, and we must return to that pool and lead others in this hurt and dying world into the healing waters of Jesus Christ. Where will you go?


1. Small group
2. Yes
3. No. We each are a part of the larger body of Christ working together.
4. To serve
5. True
6. No. Jesus did not intend for us to do this alone. Together, we can love each other, support each other, teach other, and provide accountability.
8. “Highways and hedges”, bring them into the house so it may be filled.
10. 3000
11. After being baptized, they continued in teaching and fellowship, breaking the bread, and prayer.
12. Join a small group to be surrounded by a community of believers to “flourish in the house of God”- learning God’s word in a supportive, loving and prayerful environment. Pastor shared that groups are where faith comes to life.
13. The Great Commission
14. Go and make disciples of all nations. Teach them to obey the Lord’s commands.
15. To all nations. Trick question- The Gospel is on offer to ALL! Jesus died for the sins of all people from all nations.
16. This is not optional.
17. The Great Commission is fulfilled in small groups.
18. When you go, remember becoming a Christian is not complicated. If we believe in our hearts and say with our mouths that Christ is the risen Lord, we will be saved (Romans 10:13).