Game Day Week 3 – Discussion Questions


As Christ followers, we are living stones, part of a spiritual house and a holy priesthood (1 Peter 2:5).


Tell the group about something you have built. (A house? A gingerbread house? A lego structure?) How did building something make you aware of the importance of each piece of the finished structure?


This week we finish our Game Day series with more encouragement to take our place in the body of Christ and build up God’s house for His glory. Pastor Chris interviewed UT football player, Todd Kelly Jr., and they discussed how the “brick by brick”, stick-together teamwork of a football team compares to our place and mission in the body of Christ. One lone brick cannot accomplish much, but many bricks together can build a wall or a building!


Read Acts 2:36-47.

1. Peter is addressing a crowd of Jews in Jerusalem (see Acts 2:5). In verse 36 he tells them what they have done wrong. How do they respond in verse 37?

2. How do we respond when we are convicted of sin? Do we respond differently when convicted by the Holy Spirit versus men? How can we gently lead others to repentance?

3. Reading on, in verses 38-41, how did the crowd respond to Peter’s instruction? Do the numbers amaze you? Why do you think so many responded so quickly (that day!)?

4. Verse 42 lists habits of the believers that should also be habits of believers today. What are they?

5. Which of these habits do you find difficult to maintain? Which are easier? Do you have any tips for other group members for how to incorporate these habits in your daily life?

6. According to verse 43, many wonders and signs took place through the apostles. What wonders and signs have you seen in your lifetime?

7. Verses 44-47 describe the life and fellowship of early believers. How are believers today the same? How are we different?

Read Matthew 5:13-16.

8. We are called to be salt and light. How can you be salt and light to those around you at work, at school, and at play?


1. Their hearts were “pierced,” and they immediately repented.
2. See Matthew 18:15-17.
3. The Holy Spirit had just come and filled the apostles. See Acts 2:1-13.
4. They were devoted to the apostles’ teaching (Bible study), fellowship (regular meeting with other believers), the breaking of bread (the Lord’s Supper), and prayer.
8. In verse 16 we are told to live so that others see our good works and how they bring glory to God. See also 1 Peter 3:15.