Game Day Week 2 – Discussion Questions


It is game time. Whose team are you on? Now is the time to get off the bench and make a play that will be remembered throughout all of eternity.


Pastor Kyle Wall told a story of his favorite game memory. It was a dream for him. Share your favorite game time memory.


We are in the series Game Day. Kyle Wall, our groups pastor walked us through scenarios to make us think about how this applies to us spiritually. He states “I believe that everyone listening today, at their core, has a desire to move from where they are (here) to where God wants them to be (there). We want to move from here to there.” Here is different for each of us. You may not be on God’s team yet. Maybe you are a rookie. Maybe you are on God’s team but you’re on the bench. Or maybe you are a veteran. The important thing is that in every stage of the game we keep seeking growth and the Kingdom above all else. The Kingdom come is our victory. Go team Jesus!


Read Romans 10:9.

1. Think about this. Ask yourself, am I on God’s team? That’s the first step.

Read Philippians 1:6.

2. If you are going from here to there, that verse is about the “there.” Where are you now? Are you a rookie, inactive, or are you a veteran? What is your next step?

3. What difficulties do you see in taking the next step? How can this group support you in moving forward?

Read this scripture aloud as a group prayer for strength: Ephesians 3:14-21.

4. What part of this prayer touches you personally? Consider memorizing a verse or two of this passage and praying it daily.

5. God can do more than you ask or think (verse 20). Do you know what your calling is? Do you know your purpose? Are you ready to seek to fill your potential in Christ?

6. What can your group do as a whole to move to the next step in the game?

Read Colossians 3:12–17.

7. What does that verse say to you about the spirit of teamwork? How can you live these verses out in your group?

8. Who do you know who is not in a small group? Invite them to your group, and ask your group members to pray for them.


1. Open up discussion. Don’t force it but give a chance for member to accept Christ. From the sermon: The invitation to join God’s team is extended to you because of Jesus Christ. See John 14:6 and Romans 10:9. You must respond to the invitation. It is your choice. To not respond is to reject the invitation.

2. More open discussion. Can we get truly honest this weekend? Which one of these 4 categories defines the HERE for you? Let’s not define it for anyone else but ourselves. I have one better, let’s ask God to show us our “Here.” (Not a believer, Rookie, Inactive, Veteran)

3. Be understanding about where people are. Doing something new or making life changes (even good ones) can be scary. Consider supporting one another by communicating through the week and between group meetings. Some group members may benefit from accountability partners.

5. This question is similar to “what is your next step,” but it goes further. What do you feel is God’s long term goal for you? The first step is to get moving. More from the sermon: So how do we begin to move from HERE to THERE?
• Acknowledge that God is the one who enables you to move from HERE to THERE. See Philippians 1:6. God is at work in our lives to make us like Christ. He will be faithful to us. He has our back.
• Take a step today towards God’s THERE for you.
Get moving! God will meet you where your feet are moving. You must become a doer of the Word and not a hearer only (James 1:22).

6. See Hebrews 10:24. Volunteer for community outreach, find other ways to serve at church, make an intentional effort to live the things you study. Invite others to church. Ask what they took from the scripture.

7. This is directly from the sermon: “Lock arms with your FP Team Members (your group). We are on a team, God’s team. This team requires us to participate together, to learn and practice together, to make mistakes together, to grow together, to encourage each other and to hold each other accountable to the coaches and team goals. Notice the togetherness of the Christian life. We join God in his work to make us like Christ by submitting our lives to each other in small groups. In small groups, we help each other grow. The pattern in the New Testament Church was that of living life with other Christians in community, in groups. The plan at Faith Promise to help people know God and move to his THERE for them, is life in community, life in small groups. We gather in small groups and commit to each other. We commit to help each other grow in Christ. God, through his Spirit, uses people in our small group to grow us up in Jesus Christ.

So, do you want to get from HERE to THERE? Then you must humble yourself in order to do life with other followers of Christ. There is no other way. Listen, let’s be honest, we are intentional in so many areas of our life. Think about it for a moment. But in the area that matters most, getting to God’s THERE for us, for some reason we throw out all intentionality and just hope it happens.”

“I will not let anything that will ultimately mean nothing keep me from experiencing what means everything.” Pastor Chris Hodges.

From our Pastor and the entire FP team, we plead with you to get intentional about moving from HERE to THERE. Join God in his work in your life by getting in a small group, committing to the group and growing with the group. You will never regret this decision in your life. FP small groups are where our faith comes alive!