From Discouraged to Encouraged – Mexico Mission Trip 2019

During the entire mission trip, I knew that confidence was a major element that mattered. I did my best on spreading this message to others, but no message compared to the 4thday. Mid mission trip , it was extended worship, an event B2B (Back 2 Back) has every year. It is a gathering of everyone at B2B to come together, worship, encourage, and let go of past mistakes.  During that night I chose to go around encouraging my entire group by telling them that God had something in store for them, and that he would give them a purpose for coming. The day after, Jed (A leader for B2B) told everyone that they were supporting characters of God. It felt far beyond my comprehension. I saw this statement as yet another way to encourage others, and myself. I considered it as my picture for the entire trip. I knew that the end of the trip was nearing, and some people could have felt discouraged, yet what Jed told them will possibly give them the support of a lifetime. If they did not know such a thing, then where would they be now?

From Discouraged to Encouraged- Blog by Randy Kercher (Edited by Daisy Kercher)