fpKIDS Vision for Families_Elementary


We Want to Show Kids:

  • That the Bible is the source of wisdom and truth.
  • How what they learn applies to their daily lives.
  • That relationships with Small Group Leaders and friends matter.

What We Ask of You:

In order for us to create the best avenues to connect with your child, we ask that YOU:

  • Attend the same worship service time on a regular basis (weekly or every other week, depending on your family circumstance)
  • Let us know of any specialized needs.
  • Introduce yourself to your child’s Small Group Leader.
  • Keep your Security Receipt close by. You will also need to present this tag when you pick up your child.

What We Will Do:

In order for us to create the best avenues to connect with your child, WE will:

  • Create a FUN, engaging environment for your child.
  • Help your child discover and embrace a growing relationship with Jesus Christ by focusing on 3 Core Truths:
    • I can trust God no matter what
    • I can make the wise choice
    • I can treat others the way I want to be treated
  • Staff our elementary environments with volunteers who have cleared our background check process and have been trained according to fpKIDS policies and procedures.

To find our what your child learns each week, visit www.facebook.com/fpkids

  • Gladly answer any questions you may have. fpKIDS leaders and staff members are available during weekend worship services. You can also email [email protected]