fpKIDS Parent Connection

Preschool (2yrs-PreK)

This month your preschooler will be learning how to…

“Love God with all your heart”
(Matthew 22:37)

One of the ways we can love God is by doing what he wants us to do.  Even as a boy, Jesus did what God wanted Him to do.  We want your preschooler to know they can please the heart of the father too!  One way to love God is through worship.

Create a Rhythm this week by worshipping with your little one.  Sing this song to Jesus, to the tune of “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star”:

“Love you, love you, I love you.

Love you, love you, Yes it‟s true.

I love you, yes I do.

I love you, yes I do.

Love you, love you, love love you.

Love you, love you, Yes it‟s true.”

Elementary (K-3rd Grade)

I should treat others the way I want to be treated.

 Our memory verse this month is Romans 12:10.  It says “Love each other deeply.  Honor others more than yourselves.”  We honor people by letting them know how valuable they are.  This is a concept that we struggle with even as adults. Our goal this month is to help your child understand that they are valued, and so they should value EVERYONE they come in contact with.


 Unfortunately, there are people who get overlooked in life.  They are small or perceived to be weak.  Sort of like David in 1 Samuel 16:1-13.  David was just a young, unimpressive shepherd boy.  Samuel was sure his strapping young son would be chosen by God to be the next king.  But God doesn’t see what the world sees, He looks at the heart.  And although David was overlooked by the world, he loved God and God honored him.  We will continue to see this month how we can Honor those who are overlooked.


 Make it Personal this week by helping your student think of ways they can “Love others deeply”.  Challenge them to watch for someone being overlooked and find a way to honor them.   Encourage them to love through kindness and treat others the way they want to be treated.

Club 45 (4-5th grade)

Once Upon a Parable: Jesus and the Kingdom

Stories can paint pictures. Words can create worlds. If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much more is a story worth?  Jesus talks about the Kingdom of God by telling stories. He comments on the world around him, helping us see that the Kingdom of God is bigger and broader than we can ever imagine. Sometimes an idea is so big and beautiful that the only way to talk about it is to tell a story.

This week your 4th and 5th grader will hear a story about a mustard seed.  Only Jesus could have explained the kingdom of heaven with a story about mustard.  Make it Personal by reading Matthew 13:31-32 with your student and ask them to tell you what the parable means.  How can they apply it to their own lives?  Let them practice retelling the story in their own words and then challenge them to share the story with someone else.