fpKIDS Parent Connection

Preschool (2yrs-PreK)

This week we continue to make sure your preschooler knows that…


We find out in Mark 6:45-51 that Jesus walked on water AND calmed the storm!  In the midst of the craziness of life, we forget as parents that we are teaching our kids at all times.  They are WATCHING how we react and learning to do what we do.  The disciples in this story reacted in FEAR.  Jesus told them to STOP being alarmed and afraid!  He calmed the storm and they went on their way.  How often do we react in fear rather than faith?  We need to SHOW our kids that we believe that Jesus can do anything by reacting only in faith when the “storms” of life come.

Take time this week and Make It Personal by asking your preschooler what they are afraid of.  Encourage them that with God All Things Are Possible and we don’t have to be afraid!  Remind them that just as Jesus protected the disciples, He also protects us.  Pray with them and ask Jesus to calm the fears that rage even in these young hearts.

Elementary (K-3rd Grade)

Self-Control is choosing to do what you should do,
not what you want to do.

Did you know that God sometimes says things a certain way to grab our attention and hold it long enough to make His point?  He’ll use words or create a picture that’s really hard to get out of our mind. That’s what happens this week as we talk with your student about how it’s possible to have too much of a good thing.

Our verse this week is Proverbs 25:16.  It reminds us that too much of even a good thing is bad news!  There are all sorts of things to distract us in life.  And many of those things are good.  But good is the enemy of GREAT.  GREAT is a relationship with Jesus.  GREAT is purposeful time with our families.  Are we modeling these priorities for our students?  Often times we have to exercise SELF CONTROL to make the wise choice.  We have to choose to put down our work, remote, game controller or whatever consumes your time in order to do the GREAT things in life.  Bottom line… know when to stop.

Create A Rhythm this week with your student by designating time to spend together.  In that time, talk about how you can each pursue your relationship with Jesus.  Set parameters for the good things so there is plenty of time available for the GREAT things.

Club 45 (4-5th grade)

Doing vs. Knowing

It’s one thing to know something….a totally different animal to actually do it though!  This week we are helping your student understand how to put their Faith Into Action.

How many times have you been studying the Word or heard a message and pretty soon found yourself in a situation that gave you opportunity to DO what you learned?  Did you make the right choice?  Were you able to put your Faith Into Action?  The message to your kids this week is that it’s not enough to know what they are supposed to do….they need to actually DO IT!  By DOING the Word we become like the wise man who built his “house” upon a firm foundation.  As your student learns to put their Faith Into Action, they will be establishing an unshakable foundation for their lives (Matthew 7:24-27).

Create A Rhythm this week with your student by asking them every day what opportunities they had to stay “Plugged In” by doing the right thing.  Talk through situations and discover how different the outcome would be if they hadn’t put their Faith Into Action.  Encourage them to try again if they feel like they could have done a better job.  And let them see you doing the same thing!