FPC Called to Prayer and Fasting

Hello Faith Promise Family,

Starting Monday, March 19, we are calling on all Faith Promisers to start a 21-Day Fast for Easter and the launch of the North Knox Campus. You can fast all 21 days, a meal each day, or fast from something in order to pray specifically for God to move on Easter. We are asking for HUGE things from Him.

We are praying for over 1,000 at the North Knox Campus. Pray for Pastor Mike and Kandice Baker as they lead that campus. Pray for many lost to come there on Easter and be impacted with the Word.

We are praying for over 7,000 in attendance at all of Faith Promise combined. We are asking God to save people at every campus. Pray for the Spirit to move in a major way. A 21-Day Prayer Guide to help you will be available for download on the home page of our FPC website beginning on Saturday, March 17.  Please fast with me and let’s pray through. God is at work at Faith Promise, and we need not take it for granted.

As you fast:

  1. Pray for the power of God to fall at every campus.
  2. Pray for the people God wants you to invite.
  3. Pray for the other campuses even if you do not attend or serve there, for we are one family with many locations.
  4. Pray like you never have before. Draw a circle around you, and ask God to move in the circle. Ask the Lord to make you whatever He wants so He can use you.
  5. Pray for the Easter presentation as it will be a short movie and we have never done that before.
  6. Pray for the staff and the follow up after Easter.
  7. Pray for the 10 goals for 2012. Easter plays a big part in moving forward.

Together we can make a huge difference in making it hard to go to hell from East Tennessee.

I love you and fully trust you are doing your part.

Pastor Chris