Follow the Filling – Discussion Guide

Getting Started

Main Idea:
Where the Spirit leads…I will follow. This is our theme of the year at Faith Promise. We repeat it, but do we really live it?

Discussion Starter:
Have you ever seen something you want to change or incorporate into your life, but you know it’s going to take an all-in, wholly-involved commitment?

“Follow the Filling” is the Faith Promise theme of the year. Pastor says, “Where the Spirit leads.” And we say, “I will follow.” We have been repeating it all year, but in reality, are we living it? Do we listen to God when He is leading? Are we following what He asks us to do? What would our lives look like if wherever the Spirit lead, we actually followed? This could mean a fair bit of change in our lives.

At Movement, hundreds of students prayed for the strength to follow God wherever He would lead. They prayed for a supernatural change in their lives. But if we aren’t already close to God, following His lead can seem difficult. We must pursue God in order to be where God leads.

Encounter God

Primary Scriptures: Exodus 33:15-16, Matthew 6:33 & 6:21, John 15:5-6, James 4:8, Revelation 21:1-4

Discussion Questions:

  1. What does it take to be close to God? What does that mean?
  2. Are we pursuing closeness with God? If we seek God first, God promises to take care of us. Proximity brings passion. What are you passionate about?
  3. What gets in the way of our pursuit of God? Are we pursuing the right things?

Discovery Bible Method:
For deeper study, as an alternative to the questions above, read Revelation 21:1-4 and use the Discovery Bible Method to explore the passage.

Embrace Others

Suggestion: Consider breaking the group into dyads or triads for this section.

What are some fears you have about putting God first? Are you pursuing proximity to something other than God?

Engage the World Around Us

Engaging at Faith Promise: We saw this weekend how many students were impacted by Movement. It took hundreds of volunteers to make Movement successful. Faith Promise students and kids ministries both touch so many young lives every single week. Have you ever thought about volunteering in fpKIDS or fpStudents? One of our core values is We Serve Others. If you want to serve God, serve His children.

Engaging in Community: Did your group participate in Serve Day 2019? Promisors served at 74 Projects for over 3,200 Hours. Whether you served or not, you can still find something for your group to do in your community. Find a neighbor in need, clean up some trash at some local school or park grounds, take donuts to the ER nurses and doctors… there are so many ways to serve those around us. Make a plan to serve this fall.

Engaging the World: Faith Promise missionaries put God first by serving in locations far from home. Pray for the missionaries supported by your campus. Pick a missionary family from Faith Promise and reach out to them to show them your support. They love to hear from Promisors back home.

Expand God’s Kingdom

Faith Promise is full of Real People with Real Problems who know Real Love. How can you show those around you Real Love? Invite your friends, family, and co-workers to spend time with John Maxwell, renowned author, speaker, and coach. He will be sharing the Word at Faith Promise July 27-28 at our normal service times.

Leader’s Notes

ALL groups at Faith Promise should follow Jesus Christ and lead others to do the same. Below are the marks of a growing follower and disciple of Jesus.

– A follower of Jesus desires to encounter God through the deeper study and application of God’s Word.

– A follower of Jesus embraces people and values relationships on a deeper level so everyone can grow together.

– A follower of Jesus engages and serves the world around them and in their community, through local partners or God-directed opportunities.

– A follower of Jesus expands God’s Kingdom through development and multiplication of disciple-makers, possibly to lead more groups at Faith Promise.