Finish Lines

The finish line signifies the end of the race. In life, the race keeps going so we need to create some finish lines. This past Friday was the finish line for my wife Emily and I. We have been in a particularly busy season so three weeks ago I declared Thursday night the finish line. We reserved Friday to spend the day together. I can’t tell you how many times in the past three weeks we have mentioned the finish line, our Friday together.

We all need to create some finish lines for ourselves and our families. Finish lines look like:

  • A family weekend
  • Family vacation
  • Personal retreat
  • A day for you & your spouse (even better, a few days)

Finish lines are intentional. We have to create them and honor our commitment to slow down, pull away from the busyness, rest and reconnect with those we love.

Do you need to create a finish line for you and your family?