Fast and Loose Week 1 -Adrenaline vs. Intimacy – Discussion Questions



God created sex for our good, within the bounds of marriage.


What does television lead you to believe about sex? Give examples.


Sex is a powerful tool created for us. However, what saddens the Lord is watching His gift of sex for pleasure, intimacy and procreation being hijacked by Satan. The devil has saturated our culture with warped views of sex and marriage. God never intended for sex to be a weapon (as in rape, sex slavery and women treated like trash). Here’s a thought: just because we have a desire doesn’t mean it should be fulfilled. One problem within the church today is the low view of scripture. Culture is having a greater impact on the church than the church is on culture. What we put in our minds determines how we live. For example, if we dwell on television more than on the Lord, then what we see and hear from the media shapes our thoughts. Movies and television emphasize adrenaline over intimacy. The perfect will of God is one man and one woman, virgins until marriage. Biblical boundaries are a blessing. When we go against God’s Word, there is a price to pay. Sin grieves the Holy Spirit.


Read Genesis 2:18
1. How did God solve the dilemma of man being alone?

Read Genesis 2:21-25
2. How did God take one of the man’s ribs without the man feeling the pain?
3. What did God do with the rib?
4. Was the man pleased with what God gave the man?
5. Why did the man call her “woman?”
6. Does Scripture tell us if man lived on his own between his parents’ home and marriage?

7. Is nakedness part of intimacy?
8. Why did God create sex?
9. Give an example of how sex can be a weapon.
10. What is the perfect will of God?
11. How are Biblical boundaries a blessing?


Please be mindful that we do not all have the same life experiences. There may be people in your group who have experienced rape or abuse. There may be people who have gone through a divorce. Groups should be a place where people can share their experience without fear. God loves us no matter what and He can heal hurts and forgive sins.

2. verse 21
4. v. 23
5. v. 23
6. No. Ask the group what they think.
8. for pleasure, intimacy, and procreation
9. rape, sex slavery, and women being treated like trash
10. One man + one woman, virgins until marriage
11. If we live within God’s boundaries, we will be safe and joyful. For example, parents do not allow their two-year-old to stick things into the electrical outlet nor do they let that child play in the street.