Family of Two


It seems to be a common question you start to field after being married for any amount of time: “When are you going to start a family?” Well, Shawn and I do want to have children someday… but we don’t need to wait to have a family then. We have a family of two now.

And let me tell you, I love this season of our marriage. Especially at Christmastime!  I’m big on tradition, and naturally, that means my husband gets to share in my child-like glee. For example, my FAVORITE day of the year is Black Friday—not because of the great shopping deals. No, I don’t go anywhere near the mall. The day after Thanksgiving is the day we climb into the SUV, go to the Christmas tree farm, select the perfect evergreen, cut it down with our—I mean, Shawn cuts it down with his own hands—and then we take it home and decorate it while listening to holiday tunes.

And of course, it doesn’t stop there. Our home needs to look like a Christmas card… it NEEDS to! So, then I’m wrapping the porch in garland and ribbons and my sweetheart is risking his life hanging from the roof as he puts up the icicle lights.

Why go to that trouble? Because we love it. We’re proud of our home. We love our tradition of making a day of it! This is something that our FAMILY does every year. (OK, we’ve been married for two years… so for the past two years it’s been our deal)

I envision that when we do grow our family, we will do the same traditions and (hopefully) will have it down pat! Every Christmas Eve, Shawn and I read through Luke Chapter 2… it’s only going to get better as we read it with our children. I want to start traditions now, enjoy it with my husband, and add to our customs as we add to our family.

The next time someone asks me about “starting” a family, I’ll probably give the same answer I always do.. but smile, knowing that we’ve got a pretty good thing going with our family of two.