Family Life: Widening The Circle In Our Marriages

If you are a parent at Faith Promise Church you have likely (hopefully) heard the family value “Widen the Circle”. This value communicates the importance of parents intentionally inviting/partnering with other people to also influence their children. This partnership is powerful as the same messages are communicated by different people. Let’s apply the basic concept of “widening the circle” to our marriages.

(This post was written by Chuck Carringer, Pastor of Family Ministries)

My wife Emily and I have benefitted so much through the years from the friendship and insight of other couples. At each of the different seasons of our marriages we have had other couples who added value to us. When we were newlyweds we intentionally spent some time with older couples. Their wisdom and experience was so helpful. When we had kids we would invest and learn from other couples with young children. We have gained and enjoyed “widening the circle” with other couples so much we made it one of our goals for 2011. Think about it, none of us have all the answers of have the market cornered on having great marriages and families. Let’s be intentional and look for other couples to get to know or be more intentional about spending some time with couples we love.

Who do you need to contact this week to “widen the circle” in your marriage?